Talking about fasting and dieting by enzyme products

Fermented food

Recently, I have been often asked.

The question is: "Can I use Manda Koso for fasting? ".

In conclusion, yes, you can use it effectively.

However, as I have been receiving more and more enquiries recently, I feel that it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of "enzymes" and "fermented foods" in order to make fasting effective. That's what I'm going to talk about in this article.

Fasting with enzyme drinks has become very popular.

Why do we use enzyme drinks for fasting anyway?

My understanding is that there are two main reasons.

The first is the action of enzymes, which is so popular as health food.

However, the first thing you need to understand is that neither (most) enzyme drinks nor Manda Koso(Enzyme, in Japanese) are intended to introduce a lot of enzymes into your body, but rather they are fermented foods made by the action of enzymes. Although the name "enzyme" can be misleading, Manda Koso is not a food which contains a lot of enzymes, but a fermented food.

But of course, fermented foods contain enzymes too.

Three types of enzymes are exist : digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes and food enzymes.

Digestive enzymes work in the body to digest the food we eat. Metabolic enzymes take the energy from digestive enzymes and put it to work in the body, removing waste products, improving cell metabolism and boosting the immune system. These two enzymes are closely related, and when digestive enzymes are consumed in large quantities, such as through binge drinking and eating, metabolic enzymes become less abundant. As a result, the body becomes weaker, with increased ageing and a weakened immune system.

Moreover, these enzymes are produced by the body and cannot be taken from outside. In other words, the amount of enzymes produced by the body is fixed and, more importantly, decreases with age.

However, we can save digestive enzymes and help our metabolic enzymes by taking a third enzyme, food enzymes, from food.

In other words, by taking enzymes from food, we can increase the overall amount of enzymes in the body and promote metabolism. Fermented food, such as Manda Koso, contains these food enzymes.

This is the first point that leads to the original purpose of fasting, which is to refresh the body by taking fermented foods.

The second point is the high nutrient content of fermented foods. Fermented foods contain vitamins and bioactive substances that increase the activity of enzymes in the body, which are concentrated in the original ingredients (soybeans in the case of natto).

By taking these substances into the body, it is supposed to activate the metabolism and refresh the body.

Manda Koso contains a large number of "prebiotics", which increase the number of good bacteria that produce lactic acid and acetic acid and regulate the intestinal environment. The fatty acids produced by good bacteria feeding on dietary fibre are said to have a weight loss effect.

In other words, taking fermented foods, which are considered to be the "ultimate natural food", can help you to refresh your body and lose weight, which is the purpose of fasting.

For these two reasons, it makes sense that fermented food such as Manda Koso are effective for fasting and dieting.

Finally, I'd like to introduce you two important factors to consider when choosing fermented health care products.

These are "ingredients" and "heat".

Manda Koso is made by fermenting and maturing more than 50 kinds of raw vegetables, fruits, grains and seaweeds, including their seeds and skins. Hence, the names of all these plants are written on the ingredients of the package. This is proof that we have the technology to ferment and manufacture our own products. If a product says "plant fermented extract" in the ingredients, it is likely that the extract itself has been bought in.

In addition, the bacteria and enzymes contained in fermented foods are sensitive to heat, so unheated products such as pastes are considered to be more effective than drinks or other products that have been heated during the production process (although it is said that even if they are damaged by heating, they can still be used as food for good bacteria).

Choose the right "fermented food" for you and use it effectively for fasting and dieting.