What's MANDA KOSO different from other "Enzyme" or "Yeast"?

First of all, "enzymes" are proteins that act as catalysts in the fermentation process when microorganisms such as "yeast" and "lactic acid bacteria" are mixed with soybeans and other raw materials for fermented foods.

Since it is just a protein, the "enzyme" is broken down before it reaches the stomach.

Although Manda Koso name contains "Koso (enzyme)," it is actually not an enzyme but a "fermented food made by the action of enzymes".

In recent years, "enzyme drinks" such as Kombucha have become popular, but most of them are based on plant-based fermented extracts. What makes Manda Koso different from others is the following points.

1) More than 50 kinds of only raw ingredients are fermented and matured in barrels with their skins and seeds.

2) Look at the ingredients. "Plant-based fermented extract" is evidence that the extract must be purchased from third party. On the other hand, only the names of natural foods such as vegetables and fruits are listed in the ingredients of Manda Koso.

3) We never add any water or overheat during its fermentation and maturation process. This is a very precious product that can only be produced in the natural climate of Innoshima, Hiroshima Prefecture Japan.

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What's MANDA KOSO different from other "Enzyme"?